Youth Devotional for the
Temple Rededication

Saturday, June 15
at 7pm

All of the youth in the greater Bay Area are invited to a special devotional celebrating the newly dedicated Oakland California Temple. The location will be announced soon.


Youth Challenges

As we prepare for the Youth Devotional we will be inviting you to PONDER and ACT each week! You can find the challenges posted here and on the Oakland Temple Youth Instagram each week.

March 18- March 24

"Service doesn't have to be big and grandiose to be meaningful and make a difference." - Cheryl A. Esplin



Why is service an important part of the gospel? How does it relate to the temple?



Perform an act of service outside of your home this week! Share what you plan to do with us or send us a picture of a way you have served recently and inspire others!


Upcoming Events


Hear what people think about the temple