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Youth only tours of the Oakland Temple

Your stake is being contacted for scheduling. For details, contact President Mike Wagner at

 We welcome and appreciate your questions regarding the youth only tours scheduled between 4 pm and 8 pm on Sundays May 5 and May 26, 2019.  Here are answers to some of the more “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s).

1.      Can youth leaders and chaperones tour the temple with the youth?

No – There is a large number of youth scheduled to capacity.  Adding adults will exceed the projected numbers where “tour guide” commentary could be eliminated thus diminishing the experience. 

2.      Would there be an exception where an adult would accompany the youth?

You may see some adults accompany their group.  There will be special exceptions.  For example, there is a youth-group not of our faith coming from a long distance with their adult youth pastors.  There may be other situations of special consideration where it would be appropriate.  We believe these situations are rare.  A member of the Oakland Temple Youth Devotional Committee will be on site to consider special situations.

3.      Are there other adults who will be with the youth besides a tour guide?

There are trained adult ushers who will help direct the flow of the tour.  Additionally, members of the temple presidency, the matron and her assistants will be there to greet the youth.

4.      Can the youth come at any time on Sunday May 5 or 26?

No – To alleviate parking issues and provide for the least amount of wait time, youth only tour groups have been scheduled through Mike Wagner at  You may contact him to find if any times are available on those dates.

5.      Why have these youth only tours been provided when they could go with their families at other times?

Although not a part of the original plan, we were pleased when the Temple Department approved our request for these youth tours.  The goal was to provide the following experiences:

  1. An opportunity for each youth, individually and collectively, to be inspired towards regular temple attendance,

  2. The chance to bring a friend who is less active or not a member of our faith, and

  3. The exclusive addition for the Young Women to view the bride’s room and personally meet the temple matron and her assistants.

 Adults and other family members who are not youth will be welcomed to tour the temple grounds and the Visitors Center during the youth only tours.  We encourage all to schedule a time during normal public hours to tour the Oakland Temple as many times as they wish